Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Billy Bad Butt from Nascar

Ladies and gentleman making his big screen debut...Billy Bad Butt! He won't take crap from anybody, especially Tony Stewart. Nascar fans rejoice in the presence of our new hero. In one brief act of loyalty, showmanship, and passion, Billy has saved our beloved sport. He has given me and countless other fans a reason to watch next week's race.

Michael Waltrip, if you are listening...PUT BILLY BAD BUTT IN A CAR!

Special thanks to Tony Stewart for giving him his nickname. Hilarious. Watch the Billy Bad Butt Nascar on Fox video:

Billy Bad Butt is actually Dwayne Bigger, a mechanic on David Reutimann's 00 Toyota owned by Michael Waltrip Racing. Reutimann ended up winning the race, the Coca Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Congratulations David, Michael, and Billy.


Anonymous said...

BBB...you rule!!

Anonymous said...

Billy Bad Butt needs to stay out of his driver's discussions.

Anonymous said...

Tony Stewart said "wants to jump up there and BE Billy Bad Butt". That does not make you Billy Bad Butt!!!

Anonymous said...

this dude will forever be known as Billy Bad Butt...lol

Anonymous said...

I wonder if "Billy Bad Butt" is really as tuff as he puts on.. Since "Billy" seems to have all the answer for driving on the track, let's put him out there with Tony Stewart for a "Trophy Dash" race..

I also wonder why "Billy" is working on a rookie's team rather than one of the big boys..
---- Things that make you go hummmmm ----

Xtreme America Speed - Sports said...

Billy Bad Butt driving the #01 Boudreaux's Butt Paste Toyota Camara for MWR.

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